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KIP is designed to help young Canadians invest and generate savings. An automated purchase plan that does not incur any trading fees, KIP helps bring discipline to young investors interested in maximizing their wealth. Each month, KIP will debit an amount specified by the account holder from their bank account to their trading account. The funds will then be used to purchase up to five different Canadian or U.S. stocks or ETFs, according to the client’s instructions.

There are no commission charges for these automatic monthly purchases. In addition, there are no annual fees for clients who are students or recent graduates (within the last two years). All other clients will be subject to an annual fee of C$50. 

KIP is a simple and effective way to grow your account and take advantage of our exceptional low-cost services. Put time on your side, and start investing in your future today.

We know your dollars matter more than ever when you're in school or getting your career off  the ground. That's why with our Student Benefit Program, individuals under age 26 are not  subject to account administrative fees. You're trying to start growing your wealth— who  are we to stop you?

Self-Directed Dividend Purchase Plan (Self-Directed DPP) 

A Self-Directed DPP is different than a traditional Dividend Reinvestment Program (DRIP), which requires you to reinvest dividends back into the securities that generated them. With a Self-Directed DPP, dividends accumulate into a pool of funds. Those funds are then used to automatically purchase selected stocks or ETFs of your choosing. 

Through our DPP, shares are bought automatically on the market using your dividend proceeds. While a SDPP accumulates funds in a separate "dividend pool" account, a DPP triggers a buy or sell in the same account. A DPP can also be activated in any account, while a SDPP is only applicable to non-registered accounts.

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