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At CI Direct Investing

We’ve been helping Canadians build a brighter financial future since we started as WealthBar in 2014, and Andrew Hallam has been doing the same since Millionaire Teacher was first published in 2011.

Our mission is to make saving and investing easy so you can get the most out of your money. We often focus on the habit of saving, which has been shown to promote your sense of financial-well being. If you have a healthy sense of financial well-being, you feel confident that you can meet your financial commitments. You feel like you can handle any unexpected financial obstacles, now and in the future.

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IN Balance,

Andrew shares important lessons and recent research about balancing your money, connection, health, and purpose to live a financially healthier, and happier, life. Whether you’re just starting your financial journey or well on your way, Balance has something for everyone.

Flexibility and choice

We offer investments and account types designed to help you meet your goals. They offer broad diversification and professional management.


ETF Portfolios

Global opportunities with low fees.


Impact Portfolios

Align your investments with your values.

Investment type

Private Portfolios

Diversify with private and alternative assets.

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Grow your money. We can help.

Our portfolio managers can answer your questions about investing, and our financial planners can work with you to build a financial plan so you can meet your goals.

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Competitive pricing

The more you invest, the more you save.

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Account types

The accounts you need to get where you want to go.

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