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Marriage & Money: We asked Canadian couples about their approach

How do other couples manage their money? Is it normal to bicker over finances? How should you share expenses? We ran a survey to help answer all of your questions about money and marriage.


When it comes to finances, most couples want to know, “Are we normal?” 

We wanted to give you a glimpse into how couples deal with everything from investing, to sharing expenses, and paying down debt, so we ran a survey asking 400 married and common-law Canadian couples to find out how they do it. 

Here’s a snapshot of how Canadian couples from coast to coast manage their money:

The truth is, no matter whether you have a little money or a lot, there are many ways to make it work for your relationship. 


Here’s a rundown of some of the most surprising things we found:

Most couples want to invest, but many are failing to build a plan around their goals.

A full 80% of couples have discussed investing for future goals. Of all the financial habits we asked about, that’s the single thing most couples have in common. But 36% of couples haven’t created a financial plan together. 

Studies show that those who create a plan are far more likely to achieve their goals. By not creating a plan, many couples may be struggling to see their dreams become reality.

Most couples share expenses, but many don’t share accounts.

Nearly all couples share household expenses in some way. Despite this, only 64% of couples have a joint account or credit card, meaning some may struggle to be consistent with their approach to cost-sharing. 

Most couples will disagree about money at some point.

Look, we’re all human. Three out of four couples have disagreed about money at some point. (Frankly, we’re still scratching our heads to understand what that rare one in four are doing differently.)

Looking to take your combined finances to the next level? In our next story, we’ve outlined how to build the right plan, together.


Disclaimer: This blog post is provided for informational purposes only and is not to be considered as investment advice.