Given the strength of our security infrastructure, for your peace of mind we offer the following guarantee (“Guarantee”):

You will receive 100% reimbursement for any losses that you have incurred, resulting from an unauthorized online activity in your CIIS account. Please see Terms of Use.

At CIIS the security and confidentiality of your information is of paramount importance. We employ several electronic, physical and procedural measures to protect the privacy of your personal information and confidential communications.

The full extent of our security practices cannot be disclosed. The following are only a few of the measures that we employ:

Online Access to Account Information and Trading Platform

Access to your account information and trading platform is protected by user name and encrypted password (“Access Information”). You can define your own passwords according to prescribed security requirements. Most administrative requests (e.g. Electronic Fund Transfer) may be made via your account. Please ensure that you take every precaution to protect the confidentiality of your Access Information and never share this information with anyone. CIIS will never contact you for account Access Information.

Telephone Access to Account Information and Trading Instructions

If you contact us via telephone, we will verify your identity, prior to release of any account information or initiating any transactions. Please ensure that you take every precaution to protect access to your personal and account information.

Email Communications

We will only respond to client emails if the sender email address matches that of provided on the original New Account Application Form. Depending on the nature of communication, we may take measures to verify your identity before responding to or acting on email communications. However, emails originating from the correct email address may be deemed authentic and acted upon by CIIS. Therefore, it is imperative that you protect the access to your email account at all times. Please also note that email communications may not be encrypted and your communications may be seen by others. CIIS strongly recommends that you submit your request(s) through your account (secure login).


All your sensitive information, including passwords and security questions are encrypted. Please ensure that you see the letter “s” in “https” segment of URL addresses for both CIIS and web-based trading platform. The “s” signifies that the site is secure. In addition, the “padlock” icon should also appear at the top or bottom of your browser.

Electronic Barriers

CIIS computer systems are protected by firewalls, which act as electronic barriers to block unauthorized access.

Timed Session Log-Off

To reduce the risk of unauthorized access to your account, CIIS logs you off after an extended period of inactivity.

Continuous Surveillance

CIIS systems are monitored continuously to ensure integrity, security and correct function.


Last updated on March 16, 2017