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Get job satisfaction as you grow or transition your business to Assante. We are a team-based company built to champion serious, professional financial advisors. 

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Eric Lauzon

Vice President, Business Development and Recruitment
Phone: (514) 780-2716 Email: [email protected]

Significant changes are occurring in an increasingly complex and regulated financial world. Over the last few years, advisors have been challenged with the new reality of our economic landscape. At Assante, we understand what it takes to overcome these challenges. Our solution is a complete wealth management practice.


I joined Assante in 2007 and work in our Montreal office. My objective is to help you grow your business. Together, we can implement efficiencies and create personalized wealth plans for your clients by leveraging expertise from our network of investment analysts, portfolio managers, lawyers, accountants, estate and insurance specialists, wealth planners, and banking and mortgage specialists. My background in marketing research, combined with my experience as a wholesaler and sales manager, gives me a unique skill set to help you express and promote your value proposition.


Chris Haines

Regional Vice President, Business Development and Recruitment
Phone: (647) 622-9143 Email: [email protected]

Chris has spent over 20 years in the financial industry, collaborating with advisors, branches and dealers. Throughout his tenure, he’s observed that the most successful teams understand their market and have a relentless focus on what they do best. Maintaining that focus means concentrating on high-value activities, then using process and delegation to ensure the table stakes of their business are delivered. The result will be a high level of growth that is both consistent and sustainable, especially given the backdrop of a rapidly changing industry and increasing compliance demands. Nothing gives Chris more professional satisfaction than helping teams accomplish this.

Before entering financial services, Chris graduated from the Royal Military College of Canada and served in the Canadian Armed Forces. Holding the Chartered Financial Analyst® designation, he continues to employ his expertise daily, often utilizing his trusted HP12C financial calculator. Beyond his professional pursuits, Chris is an avid Brazilian jiu-jitsu competitor and enjoys playing rugby. The workouts from these sports keep him in shape as he tackles the markets.

Shane Smallwood CENTRAL CANADA

Shane Smallwood

Regional Vice President, Business Development and Recruitment
Phone: (416) 428-4302 Email: [email protected]

In my 28 years in financial services, I have seen the industry go through periods of incredible growth, but also evolving challenges. This is particularly true for Canadian investors, who require complete and sound financial advice now more than ever. The one thing these dips and turns have in common is the opportunities they can provide. The difference is how you capitalize on them.

My job is to ensure you have the tools and resources to do just that. By providing the right team, industry experts and personalized solutions, our advisors can navigate the increasing complexities investors face and position themselves and their practice as a trusted source for their clients' wealth panning needs.

There's no way to know what new challenges are on the horizon, but having a comprehensive plan backed by a strong reputable team is the best way to bring long-term success to your business and your clients' financial well being.

Micheline Cousineau NATIONAL CONTACT

Micheline Cousineau

Coordinator, Advisor Recruiting Services
Phone: (514) 824-7281 Email: [email protected]

In my role as a coordinator, I support the Regional Recruitment & Business Development teams throughout Canada. I will be your main point of contact before and after you join our organization. I will interact with different departments by managing a variety of activities and processes relating to your transition to Assante Wealth Management. From coordinating due diligence meetings with senior management in Toronto to monitoring the onboarding process for the full year after you join our team – I help make your transition as smooth and successful as possible.

With the support of various teams at Assante head office, we developed a bilingual on-boarding plan tailored to each of our prospective advisors. I will schedule conference calls, webinars and face-to-face meetings with our trainers on your behalf. Our team of trainers will introduce you and your team to the systems and processes we use at Assante, and ensure your practice has what it needs to excel. I will help you liaise with our marketing professionals should you wish to make an announcement about your move in your local paper, through social media or plan a special event for your clients.

With more than 25 years of experience in finance, human resources, event planning and as a former business owner being exposed to a variety of administrative and marketing roles, I understand what it takes to make a transition of this nature successful. I am well positioned to welcome you and your team to our organization, making available all of the services and programs, in both English and French, that Assante has to offer its advisors and their teams to facilitate your integration.

My mission is to provide you with the necessary support and resources to ensure that Assante welcomes you as best we can.