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We are committed to providing clients with timely information on investments, wealth planning and our community. Through articles, calls, webcasts and more, you can:

Decode current market events and how they impact your investments

Discover the trends we believe are creating opportunities—and risks

Gain insight into important wealth management topics

Stay informed and invest with confidence

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What to do when retirement approaches

Do you want to retire with financial tasks and to-dos or financial peace of mind? Take these wealth planning measures in the years ahead and retire comfortably.



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In the world of investing, time is your friend

Market downturns and recoveries are easier to handle when you look at the long term—and at the silver lining.



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Beware of fraud targeting seniors

Do you have any seniors in your life who may be susceptible to fraud schemes? Find out about common scams so you can watch out for their safety.




Go paperless

Email is a crucial means of communication between clients and advisors. We are always looking for a convenient and secure solution for sharing our confidential communications and documents. Assante InvestorOnline is that solution. It's been designed to provide you and your Assante advisor with a secure and private communication gateway, and around-the-clock access to important information about your account.


Secure communication

You can communicate directly with your advisor knowing that your information will be kept private and safe.


Easy to use

Easily navigate through your account balances, transaction history and reporting details at your convenience.


Go paperless

Receive important documents and statements digitally, to help preserve the environment and protect both our postal workers and you.


Providing you with an online experience to oversee your accounts and more, any time, day or night is part of our committment to delivering complete financial advice. To register, please visit the link below.


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Do you have questions about how market events happening today could impact your investment goals in the future? We host regular virtual events with the portfolio management teams behind your investments so you can stay up to date on current market trends and be well-advised.

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We have advisors across Canada to help you reach your goals.

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