Our advisor support starts with your onboarding. We guide you and your staff to make the process as seamless as possible by providing you with:

  • a dedicated team of transition professionals
  • personal support and introductions from your RVP
  • resources, including a customized transition plan, marketing communications to announce your move, a quick start website, business cards and access to all systems and tools
  • connection to the key support teams to help you protect and continue growing your practice

Depending on the transition scenario, we can offer additional assistance to help you make sure that:

  • your existing clients are not affected by costs associated with the transition
  • you have sufficient cash flow while establishing business with Assante
  • your practice is appropriately branded and well-promoted




  • 1.  Meet your RVP

  • 2.  Advisor due diligence period

  • 3.  Finalization of offer

  • 4.  Joining the Assante team

  • 5.  Full onboarding: Welcome to Assante


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