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How to maintain financial peace of mind

Oct 14, 2020

When fears over COVID-19 sent markets plummeting in March, investors felt the initial shock. But markets rallied in the following weeks, turning shock to a sense of hope. The trouble is, however, no one knows how long the rebound will take – and it’s been marked by volatility. As an investor, how can you have peace of mind while you’re waiting for your portfolio to recover?

Focus on your goals


It’s only natural to be concerned when portfolio value declines, but keep in mind that a well-diversified portfolio and long-term investment plan account for swings in the market. What matters is ultimately achieving your financial objectives. Say that one goal is to generate enough income upon retiring to fund your desired lifestyle throughout retirement. You can talk to us to review your situation, and you can rest easy if your investment program is still on track. If adjustments happen to be required, we can present various solutions to stay on the path to realizing your retirement goals.

Take care of the big picture


When markets are volatile, much of our attention goes to investments. But financial well-being comes from knowing you’re taking care of all elements of your wealth management program. Depending on your life situation, this may include numerous components, including education funding, retirement planning, life and health insurance, charitable giving, tax strategies or estate planning. Are you staying on top of saving for education? Do you have an up-to-date will? Are your Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA) holdings aligned with your TFSA plans? If your overall wealth plan is in order, give yourself credit for taking care of what you can control.

Talk to us if you want to discuss your investment portfolio and financial objectives, or any aspect of your wealth management program.