A curated collection of investment solutions

CI Private Pools are designed to help simplify the complexities of wealth. These targeted strategies provide the opportunity to benefit from specialized portfolio manager expertise, while providing the ability to more fully customize your portfolio to your distinct goals and needs.

Specialized portfolio managers

CI Private Pool managers have been chosen for their strategic focus, consistent discipline and long-term track record of investing in Canada and around the world. They cover a wide spectrum of asset classes, geographic regions and investment styles, providing building blocks you can use to create more diversified—and customized—portfolios.

Choice, flexibility and simplicity

This carefully curated selection of actively managed domestic and global investment strategies is designed to help build and protect wealth. CI Private Pools currently offer:

  • 17 private pools across geographies, investment styles and asset classes
  • A low $5,000 minimum investment per private pool
  • Highly competitive flat-fee solutions backed by extensive investment expertise
  • Fixed income fees ranging from 0.45%-0.55%, balanced fee of 0.60% and equity fees ranging from 0.65%-0.70%1
  • High-performing, 4- and 5-star rated options

1 For Series F version



CI Global Asset Allocation Private Pool
Management fee (%): 0.60

Fixed Income

Global Equity

CI Global Concentrated Equity Private Pool
Management fee (%): 0.70

CI Global Equity Alpha Private Pool
Management fee (%): 0.70

North American Equity

CI Canadian Dividend Private Pool
Management fee (%): 0.65

CI Canadian Equity Private Pool
Management fee (%): 0.65

CI U.S. Equity Private Pool
Management fee (%): 0.65

International Equity

Real Assets

CI Global Infrastructure Private Pool
Management fee (%): 0.70

CI Global REIT Private Pool
Management fee (%): 0.70

CI Global Real Asset Private Pool
Management fee (%): 0.70

Small Cap Equity

CI Global Smaller Companies Private Pool
Management fee (%): 0.70




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