Experienced and specialized portfolio management

CI Global Asset Management provides access to a broad spectrum of investment solutions designed to address the unique, complex and evolving financial goals of affluent investors.


Investment solutions designed to meet your needs

This distinct program enables investors to construct complete portfolios that accurately reflect your financial objectives and risk tolerance through investment opportunities that are diversified, not only across asset classes such as equities, bonds, and real estate, but also by country, market capitalization, industry sector, and investment style. The program offers:

  • Model pricing with automatic discounted pricing benefits that increase as invested assets grow, high watermark protection, and extended family pricing 

  • Tax-efficiency through products and solutions that maximize the potential for growth while providing tax-effective cash flow

  • Premium account reporting to provide a holistic financial picture 

CI Prestige investor resources

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CI Global Asset Management’s strength comes from our unique lineup of portfolio managers and the variety of expertise and experience that they provide.