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November 1, 2023

CI Global Asset Management Announces Enhancements to Selected Bond and Canadian Balanced Funds

Changes include management fee reductions on core fixed-income mandates

TORONTO (November 1, 2023) – CI Global Asset Management (“CI GAM”) announces enhancements to its mutual fund lineup, including management fee reductions on several fixed-income funds and changes to the investment strategies of a key Canadian balanced mandate.

The changes, which are effective today, are:

“These moves reflect the ongoing modernization of our product lineup, ensuring that CI GAM continues to provide a broad selection of effective solutions that meet the needs of Canadian investors in a challenging environment,” said Jennifer Sinopoli, Executive Vice-President and Head of Distribution for CI GAM.

“In addition to building out our mutual fund and ETF lineup with relevant new products, including private markets and other alternative investments, we continue to enhance our existing product lineup. Pricing changes and expanding our presence in alternative investments are just two examples of these improvements.”

Management fee reductions

The base management fees for CI Corporate Bond Fund, CI Corporate Bond Class, CI Corporate Bond Corporate Class (the “CI Corporate Bond funds”) have been reduced by 15 basis points to 0.55% for Series F and P and to 1.05% for Series A. The base management fees for CI High Yield Bond Fund and CI High Yield Bond Corporate Class (the “CI High Yield Bond funds”) have been reduced by 20 basis points to 0.60% for Series F and P and to 1.35% for Series A.

Management fee reductions for these funds have also been applied to certain tiers of the CI Prestige preferred pricing program, which provides discounted pricing as eligible assets invested with CI GAM reach certain thresholds, starting at $100,000. (See table below.)

“These are strong core fixed-income funds with solid track records and a management team with decades of experience investing in corporate credit,” said Ms. Sinopoli. “The management fee reductions announced today make our funds even more competitive in these key bond fund categories.”

CI GAM is one of Canada’s largest fixed-income investment managers, with approximately $23.8 billion (as at September 30, 2023) in fixed-income assets under management across a broad range of asset classes and fund mandates.

The CI Corporate Bond funds invest primarily in a mix of investment-grade and high-yield corporate bonds. The funds benefit from the CI GAM team’s active management of the asset mix, as well as its research and analysis into individual corporate issuers. CI Corporate Bond Fund (Series F) holds an overall four-star rating from Morningstar Canada and is first quartile over the one, three, and 10-year periods ending September 30, 2023.1

The CI High Yield Bond funds invest primarily in high-yield corporate bonds, and benefit from the CI GAM team’s credit analysis of individual holdings, as well as its macroeconomic insights that guide security selection. CI High Yield Bond Fund (Series F) holds an overall four-star rating from Morningstar Canada and is first quartile over the one, three, five and 10-year periods ending September 30, 2023.1

The new effective management fees are as follows:

 New Fee*Previous fee*
Asset Range**Asset Range**
 $0 -
$100,000 -
$500,000 -
$0 -
$100,000 -
$500,000 -
CI Corporate Bond Fund,
CI Corporate Bond Class,
CI Corporate Bond Corporate Class
Series A/B1.05%1.05%1.04%1.20%1.15%1.04%
Series F0.55%0.55%0.54%0.70%0.65%0.54%
Series P0.55%0.55%0.54%0.70%0.65%0.54%
CI High Yield Bond Fund,
CI High Yield Bond Corporate Class
Series A1.35%1.35%1.35%1.55%1.50%1.39%
Series F0.60%0.60%0.60%0.80%0.75%0.64%
Series P0.60%0.60%0.60%0.80%0.75%0.64%

* Includes T series as applicable
** There are no changes to the net management fees currently applicable to asset ranges of 1 million or greater.

The changes follow significant reductions to the management fees of CI GAM money market funds earlier this year.

Changes to the CI Canadian Balanced mandate

CI Canadian Balanced Fund and CI Canadian Balanced Corporate Class (the “CI Canadian Balanced funds”) currently invest primarily in a mix of Canadian equity, equity-related and fixed-income securities. Under the revised investment strategies, they may invest up to 10% of their portfolios in private, non-traditional investments, which are those that are not publicly listed or traded. These may include investments in private equity, private credit, private real estate, private infrastructure and venture capital.

“The addition of a private markets component to a balanced portfolio can deliver a number of potential benefits,” said Marc-André Lewis, Executive Vice-President and Chief Investment Officer of CI GAM. “Private markets offer access to a differentiated set of investment opportunities, and their risk-return profile is uncorrelated to public markets. This provides the potential for increased portfolio diversification, lower realized volatility and enhanced risk-adjusted returns.”

CI GAM intends for the CI Canadian Balanced funds to make their allocation to private investments through existing private markets solutions managed by CI GAM. CI GAM has enlisted leading alternative asset managers to participate in its private markets solutions, which include a growth mandate and an income mandate.

The CI Canadian Balanced funds’ revised investment strategies set out a neutral asset mix of approximately 55% equity securities, 40% fixed-income securities and 5% private, non-traditional investments. Generally, their asset mix will be within the following ranges: 50%-60% equity securities; 30%-50% fixed-income securities; and 0-10% private, non-traditional investments. Note that CI Canadian Balanced Corporate Class currently gains exposure to these asset classes indirectly by investing in CI Canadian Balanced Fund. The funds’ investment objectives are not changing.

The investment strategy changes do not apply to CI Canadian Balanced Pooled Fund, a mandate offered to institutional investors.

About CI Global Asset Management

CI Global Asset Management (“CI GAM”) is one of Canada’s largest investment management companies. It offers a wide range of investment products and services and is on the Web at CI GAM is a subsidiary of CI Financial Corp. (TSX: CIX), an integrated global asset and wealth management company with approximately $421.0 billion in assets as at September 30, 2023.


1 Performance and rankings

 1 yr3 yr5 yr10 yr
CI Corporate Bond Fund (Series F)4.2%0.2%2.0%3.5%
Morningstar Rating (Overall: 4 stars)n/a4 stars4 stars3 stars
Number of funds in category (Global corporate fixed income)1281119937
CI High Yield Bond Fund (Series F)9.4%2.9%2.8%4.7%
Morningstar Rating (Overall: 4 stars)n/a4 stars4 stars4 stars
Number of funds in category (High yield fixed income)266243223148

Source: Morningstar Research Inc., as of September 30, 2023.

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