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Intestacy throughout Canada


Spouse in AB includes an “adult interdependent partner”. In B.C. and SK this includes a common-law partner. In NS includes a domestic partner. In QC this includes a civil union couple. In NT/NU this includes a common-law couple but not a same-sex couple. Specific rules regarding household furnishings and a spouse’s ability to elect are unique in some provinces. Source: AB Wills and Succession ACT (WSA), BC Wills, Estates and Succession ACT (WESA), MB Intestate Succession Act (MB), NB Devolution of Estates Act, NL The Intestate Succession Act (Newfoundland and Labrador), NS Intestate Succession Act (NS), NT Intestate Succession Act (NT), NU Intestate Succession Act (NU), ON Succession Law Reform Act, PE The Probate Act, QC The Civil Code of Quebec, SK Intestate Succession Act, 2019 (SK), YK Estate Administration Ac

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