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September 14, 2023

CI Global Asset Management Announces September 2023 Distributions for CI ETFs


TORONTO (September 14, 2023)CI Global Asset Management (“CI GAM”) announces the following regular cash distributions for the month or quarter ending September 30, 2023 in respect of the CI ETFs. In all cases, the distribution will be paid on or before September 29, 2023 to unitholders of record on September 25, 2023. The ex-dividend date for all ETFs is September 22, 2023, with the exception of CI High Interest Savings ETF, CI Money Market ETF and CI U.S. Money Market ETF, which have an ex-dividend date of September 25, 2023.

ETF NameTrading SymbolDistribution Amount
(per unit)
CI 1-5 Year Laddered Government Strip Bond Index ETFBXF$0.0699
CI Yield Enhanced Canada Aggregate Bond Index ETFCAGG$0.1264
CI Yield Enhanced Canada Short-Term Aggregate Bond Index ETFCAGS$0.1137
CI Balanced Asset Allocation ETFCBAL$0.1949
CI Galaxy Blockchain Index ETFCBCX$0.0000
CI Balanced Growth Asset Allocation ETFCBGR$0.1898
CI Balanced Income Asset Allocation ETFCBIN$0.1345
CI Digital Security Index ETFCBUG$0.0000
CI Canadian Equity Index ETFCCDN$0.1554
CI Auspice Broad Commodity Fund (ETF Series)CCOM$0.0000
CI DoubleLine Core Plus Fixed Income US$ Fund (ETF Series)CCOR$0.0505
CI Conservative Asset Allocation ETFCCNV$0.1354
CI DoubleLine Total Return Bond US$ Fund (ETF Series)CDLB$0.0589
CI Bio-Revolution Index ETFCDNA$0.0000
CI MSCI World ESG Impact Index ETFCESG$0.0743
CI Equity Asset Allocation ETFCEQT$0.1358
CI Floating Rate Income Fund (ETF Series)CFRT$0.1356
CI Global Asset Allocation Private Pool (ETF Series)CGAA$0.0483
CI Global Minimum Downside Volatility Index ETFCGDV$0.2316
CI Global High Yield Credit Private Pool (ETF Series)CGHY$0.0451
CI Global Investment Grade ETFCGIN$0.0540
CI Global Real Asset Private Pool (ETF Series)CGRA$0.0770
CI Global Green Bond Fund (ETF Series)CGRB$0.0382
CI Global REIT Private Pool (ETF Series)CGRE$0.0860
CI Global Sustainable Infrastructure Fund (ETF Series)CGRN$0.0500
CI Growth Asset Allocation ETFCGRO$0.1502
CI Gold+ Giants Covered Call ETFCGXF$0.1981
CI Global Healthcare Leaders Index ETFCHCL.B$0.0541
CI ICBCCS S&P China 500 Index ETFCHNA.B$0.5816
CI Canadian Banks Covered Call Income Class ETFCIC$0.1696
CI Emerging Markets Alpha ETFCIEM$0.1724
CI DoubleLine Income US$ Fund (ETF Series)CINC$0.1028
CI Global Infrastructure Private Pool (ETF Series)CINF$0.0690
CI Global Alpha Innovation ETFCINV$0.0000
CI Munro Alternative Global Growth Fund (ETF Series)CMAG$0.0000
CI Marret Alternative Absolute Return Bond Fund (ETF Series)CMAR$0.0670
CI Alternative Diversified Opportunities Fund (ETF Series)CMDO$0.0640
CI Marret Alternative Enhanced Yield Fund (ETF Series)CMEY$0.0720
CI Money Market ETFCMNY$0.2080
CI Galaxy Metaverse Index ETFCMVX$0.0212
CI Alternative North American Opportunities Fund (ETF Series)CNAO$0.0000
CI Alternative Investment Grade Credit Fund (ETF Series)CRED$0.0500
CI High Interest Savings ETFCSAV$0.2200
CI U.S. Treasury Inflation-linked Bond Index ETF (CAD Hedged)CTIP$0.0645
CI U.S. Minimum Downside Volatility Index ETFCUDV$0.0825
CI U.S. 500 Index ETFCUSA.B$0.0521
CI U.S. 1000 Index ETFCUSM.B$0.0427
CI Utilities Giants Covered Call ETFCUTL$0.2116
CI Canadian Convertible Bond ETFCXF$0.0400
CI WisdomTree U.S. Quality Dividend Growth Index ETFDGR$0.1374
CI WisdomTree Canada Quality Dividend Growth Index ETFDGRC$0.2126
CI WisdomTree U.S. Quality Dividend Growth Variably Hedged Index ETFDQD$0.1255
CI WisdomTree International Quality Dividend Growth Variably Hedged Index ETFDQI$0.0454
CI WisdomTree Europe Hedged Equity Index ETFEHE$0.0366
CI WisdomTree Emerging Markets Dividend Index ETFEMV.B$0.6476
CI Short Term Government Bond Index Class ETFFGB$0.0297
CI Enhanced Government Bond ETFFGO$0.0688
CI Health Care Giants Covered Call ETFFHI$0.1966
CI Investment Grade Bond ETFFIG$0.0320
CI U.S. & Canada Lifeco Covered Call ETFFLI$0.1743
CI Preferred Share ETFFPR$0.1144
CI MSCI Canada Quality Index Class ETFFQC$0.2602
CI Enhanced Short Duration Bond Fund (ETF Series)FSB$0.0320
CI Global Financial Sector ETFFSF$0.0573
CI Morningstar Canada Value Index ETFFXM$0.1740
CI WisdomTree International Quality Dividend Growth Index ETFIQD$0.0535
CI WisdomTree Japan Equity Index ETFJAPN$0.0000
CI Energy Giants Covered Call ETFNXF$0.1061
CI ONE North American Core Plus Bond ETFONEB$0.1190
CI ONE Global Equity ETFONEQ$0.1704
CI Morningstar National Bank Québec Index ETFQXM$0.0992
CI Canadian REIT ETFRIT$0.0675
CI U.S. TrendLeaders Index ETFSID$0.0000
CI Tech Giants Covered Call ETFTXF$0.3836
CI WisdomTree U.S. MidCap Dividend Index ETFUMI$0.1743
CI U.S. Money Market ETFUMNY.UUS$0.2227
CI Morningstar International Value Index ETFVXM$0.1743
CI Morningstar Canada Momentum Index ETFWXM$0.0436
CI Morningstar US Value Index ETFXXM$0.0465
CI Morningstar US Momentum Index ETFYXM$0.0243
CI Morningstar International Momentum Index ETFZXM$0.2201

Supporting investors’ needs

Stay in the market, minimize costs, and take advantage of a smart, simple and efficient feature designed to support investors’ needs. The CI Distribution Reinvestment Plan (DRIP) will automatically reinvest cash distributions into the CI ETF making the distribution. All of the distributions indicated in the table above will be paid in cash unless the unitholder has enrolled in the applicable DRIP of the respective ETF. For more information on how to enroll in DRIP and other considerations, please see the applicable ETF’s prospectus.

About CI Global Asset Management

CI Global Asset Management is one of Canada’s largest investment management companies. It offers a wide range of investment products and services and is on the web at CI Global Asset Management is a subsidiary of CI Financial Corp. (TSX: CIX), an integrated global asset and wealth management company with $430.3 billion in total assets as of July 31, 2023.

This communication is intended for informational purposes only and does not constitute an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to purchase exchange-traded funds (ETFs) managed by CI Global Asset Management and is not, and should not be construed as, investment, tax, legal or accounting advice, and should not be relied upon in that regard. Individuals should seek the advice of professionals, as appropriate, regarding any particular investment. Investors should consult their professional advisors prior to implementing any changes to their investment strategies. These investments may not be suitable to the circumstances of an investor. Some conditions apply.

Commissions, management fees and expenses all may be associated with an investment in ETFs. You will usually pay brokerage fees to your dealer if you purchase or sell units of an ETF on recognized Canadian exchanges. If the units are purchased or sold on these Canadian exchanges, investors may pay more than the current net asset value when buying units of the ETF and may receive less than the current net asset value when selling them. Please read the prospectus before investing. Important information about an exchange-traded fund (ETF) is contained in its prospectus. ETFs are not guaranteed; their values change frequently and past performance may not be repeated.

CI Liquid Alternative investment funds have the ability to invest in asset classes or use investment strategies that are not permitted for conventional mutual funds. The specific strategies that differentiate these investment funds from conventional fund structure include increased use of derivatives for hedging and non-hedging purposes; increased ability to sell securities short; and the ability to borrow cash to use for investment purposes. While these strategies will be used in accordance with the investment funds' investment objectives and strategies, during certain market conditions they may accelerate the pace at which your investment decreases in value.

CI Global Asset Management is licensed by WisdomTree Investments, Inc. to use certain WisdomTree indexes (the “WisdomTree Indexes”) and WisdomTree marks.

“WisdomTree®” and “Variably Hedged®” are registered trademarks of WisdomTree Investments, Inc. and WisdomTree Investments, Inc. has patent applications pending on the methodology and operation of its indexes. The ETFs referring to such indexes (the “WT Licensee Products”) are not sponsored, endorsed, sold, or promoted by WisdomTree Investments, Inc., or its affiliates ("WisdomTree"). WisdomTree makes no representation or warranty, express or implied, and shall have no liability regarding the advisability, legality (including the accuracy or adequacy of descriptions and disclosures relating to the WT Licensee Products) or suitability of investing in or purchasing securities or other financial instruments or products generally, or of the WT Licensee Products in particular (including, without limitation, the failure of the WT Licensee Products to achieve their investment objectives) or regarding use of such indexes or any data included therein.

The S&P China 500 Index CAD (the “S&P Index”) underlying the CI ICBCCS S&P China 500 Index ETF (the “S&P Licensed ETF”) managed by the Manager is proprietary to S&P Dow Jones Indices LLC (“S&P DJI”). S&P® and the names identifying the S&P Index are trademarks of Standard & Poor’s Financial Services LLC and have been licensed for use by S&P DJI and sub-licensed for certain purposes by the Manager. The S&P Licensed ETF based on the S&P Index is not in any way sponsored, endorsed, sold or promoted by S&P DJI, its affiliates or licensors and those parties make no representations or warranties, express or implied, regarding the advisability of investing in securities generally or in the S&P Licensed ETF particularly or the ability of the S&P Index to track general market performance.

MSCI is a trademark of MSCI Inc. The MSCI indexes have been licensed for use for certain purposes by CI Global Asset Management (“CI GAM”) in connection with the CI ETFs (the “ETFs”).  The ETF and the securities referred to herein are not sponsored, endorsed or promoted by MSCI Inc. or any of its affiliates (collectively, “MSCI”) and MSCI bears no liability with respect to any such fund or securities or any index on which such fund or securities are based. The ETF’s prospectus contains a more detailed description of the limited relationship MSCI has with CI GAM and any related funds.

“Morningstar® is a registered trademark of Morningstar, Inc. (“Morningstar”) Morningstar® Canada Momentum IndexTM (the “Indexes”) are service marks of Morningstar and has been licensed for use for certain purposes by CI Global Asset Management (“CI GAM”). The securities of each CI Morningstar ETFs (the “ETFs”) are not in any way sponsored, endorsed, sold or promoted by Morningstar or any of its affiliates (collectively, ‘‘Morningstar’’), and Morningstar makes no representation or warranty, express or implied regarding the advisability of investing in securities generally or in the ETFs particularly or the ability of the Index to track general market performance”.

Marret Asset Management Inc., One Capital Management, LL.C, DoubleLine Capital LP, Galaxy Digital Capital, Management LP, Auspice Capital Advisors Ltd., Munro Partners, are portfolio sub-advisors to certain funds offered and managed by CI Global Asset Management.

The CI Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) are managed by CI Global Asset Management, a wholly-owned subsidiary of CI Financial Corp. (TSX: CIX). CI Global Asset Management is a registered business name of CI Investments Inc.

Murray Oxby
Vice-President, Corporate Communications
CI Global Asset Management